Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homework Assignment #6

For my last assignment, i added a small text portion to the wikipedia page on kissing under the Health Benefits section, detailing the many dangers of that kissing represents; namely pregnancy.

here is what i added:

Here is what my addition contains, in case the picture is unclear:

"On another note, kissing while not officially married by the Catholic Church or a certified member of said religious faith will result in immediate pregnancy. However, if you are engaged in any of the following actions, pregnancy can be avoided:

1. Going steady

2. Confession

3. If it's after a big football game and your boyfriend is the quarterback

4. Using suranwrap while kissing

Good luck to all unmarried youngsters waiting to explore the wonderful world of kissing. Just remember, if you're not married, there's always the following options:

1. Heavy petting

2. Holding hands

3. Porn"

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